BAHRAIN Stamps and Postal History

T I M E L I N E   [1961 - 1970]
20-Mar-1961 The 3rd Local Issue 1961
22-Feb-1964 The 1964 Definitive Issue
21-Jan-1966 The 1966 Definitive Issue New Currency
27-Mar-1966 The Bahrain Trade Fair and Agricultural Show - 1966
01-Jun-1968 The 20th Anniversary of the World Health Organization - LAKE IN BAHRAIN - 1968
13-Nov-1968 The Inauguration of Isa Town - 1968
26-Apr-1969 The Golden Jubilee of Education in Bahrain - 1969
14-Jul-1969 Opening of Satellite Earth Station - 1969
23-Feb-1970 Arab Cities Organization 2nd Conference - 1970
01-Mar-1970 The 3rd International Asian Archaeology Conference - 1970
05-Apr-1970 The Inaugural 1st Gulf Aviation VC 10 Flight Bahrain to London - 1970
01-Nov-1970 The International Education Year - 1970

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