BAHRAIN Stamps and Postal History

T I M E L I N E   [1981 - 1990]
21-Mar-1981 International Year for Disabled Persons - 1981
26-Apr-1981 50th Anniversary for Electrical Power in Bahrain 1981
01-Jul-1981 Bahrain Handicrafts - 1981
01-Oct-1981 Mosques of Bahrain - 1981
16-Dec-1981 20th Anniversary of Sheikh Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa 1981
01-Mar-1982 Al Areen Wild Life Park - Sheetlet - 1982
09-Nov-1982 G.C.C. Supreme Council 3rd Regular Meeting - 1982
01-Dec-1983 The Opening of Madinat Hamad (Hamad Town) - 1983
16-Dec-1983 The al-Khalifa Dynasty Bicentenary Sheetlet - 1983
30-Apr-1984 The G.C.C. Traffic Week 1984
15-Sep-1984 The Olympic Games in Los Angeles 1984
08-Dec-1984 The Centenary of Postal Services in Bahrain - 1984
14-Feb-1985 Fish - 1985
16-Oct-1985 Arabian Gulf States Social Work Week 1985
16-Nov-1985 International Youth Year 1985
26-Nov-1986 The Opening of the Bahrain-Saudi Arabia Causeway 1986
16-Dec-1986 25th Anniversary of Sheikh Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa Souvenir Sheet - 1986
01-Jan-1988 The Fourth Definitive Issue Second Printing - 1988
30-Apr-1988 40th Anniversary of the W.H.O. - 1988
02-Jun-1988 The Opening of the Ahmed al-Fateh Islamic Center - 1988
17-Sep-1988 The Olympic Games in Seoul 1988
19-Dec-1988 G.C.C. Supreme Council 9th Regular Meeting - 1988
15-Jun-1989 Camels - 1989
16-Dec-1989 The Fifth Definitive Issue Souvenir Sheet 1989
17-Feb-1990 Houbara Bird 1990
24-Mar-1990 40th Anniversary of Gulf Air 1990
26-May-1990 50th Anniversary of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry - 1990
08-Sep-1990 International Literacy Year - 1990

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